We are the blockchain bridge to Web 3.0

GetChkd makes connecting everything possible.

All while keeping user data safe.

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We live in an increasingly connected world.

The average public SaaS company has 350+ API integrations.

Large SaaS companies have integrations in the thousands.


More connectivity means more data vulnerability.

70% of data breaches are estimated to be due to 3rd party vendor security shortcomings. Many are turning to blockchain as a means to combat these vulnerabilities.

Beyond Trust

We make implementing blockchain solutions fast, easy, and secure.

Universal Sector Fit

Activate blockchain solutions to fit any industry: banking, retail, gaming, transportation, and more.

Single Integration

Unlock everything. GetChkd can connect endless potential vendors to blockchain via an API.

Protected Data

Only share what needs to be shared while maintaining privacy & personal information.

Custom Environments

In mere weeks or months, our team can launch a custom blockchain environment that would take years to build.


And so much more...

We can connect your business to everything.

Work with our team to bridge offline to online, hardware to software, and off-chain to on-chain.

The opportunities are endless.

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All while keeping user data secure.

Verify & authenticate user data without exposure to third-party vulnerabilities.

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Find out how we can bridge your business to blockchain.

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